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The Greater Knowledge Academy was built by Payman Saghafi, an elite standardized test coach and serial small business entrepreneur! So, why should you use the GK Academy?

Short answer:  

  • If topics are highly complex, Payman makes them much easier to understand. This is actually very difficult to do for most people.

Slightly longer answer: 

  • Principals and deans of schools recommended Payman, which is very rare.

  • Payman can provide dozens upon dozens of references from parents who know and trust him.

  • Payman teaches academic and strategy skills that can be used for the rest of a student’s lifetime.

Standardized tests are not fun for most people.  In fact, Payman doesn’t like them much either!  Payman thinks these tests can sometimes limit the success of very smart teens who are not the best test takers.  Although Payman has ceiling scores on difficult standardized tests, he does not talk above students.   He believes that the GK Academy’s most important goal is to teach students how to learn!  To do so, Payman developed expertise at teaching students how to approach complicated problem solving.

Your teenagers will learn ELITE standardized test prep concepts that they can use not only now but for the rest of their lives.  There is simply no comparison between average tutors and elite tutors like Payman.

So, if your teenagers truly want to improve their scores, and are willing to put in some genuine effort, then this is the RIGHT web site to visit.   You will be hard pressed to find test prep at this price and quality level elsewhere.


Founder, President and Head Coach

Payman SaghafiPayman


  • Payman’s system is a mix of hundreds of systems.  He built this system very carefully after looking at the pros and cons of many teaching styles.
  • Payman personally worked as a full time tutor with hundreds of students and teamed up with Ivy League tutors from schools such as Oxford and Yale.
  • New tutoring techniques were optimized and are based on learning theory and multi-modal and adaptive teaching.
  • Dozens of world-class tricks and strategies for dealing with standardized tests are presented.
  • Payman provides curriculum, drills, training strategies and facts that most standardized tutors are not even aware of.
  • Payman is a founder and elite tutor who has scored at the ceiling on hard standardized tests such as the GRE, which has an even higher ceiling difficulty than the ACT.
  • Although Payman achieved ceiling scores, he does not talk above students and is fully aware of their emotional and cognitive needs.
  • Payman has a history highly satisfied customers who often improve 4 to 8 points on tests such as the ACT (if they are are committed and do the work)!
  • Principals of schools have actually recommended Payman’s program, which almost never happens in this industry.

Payman has coached hundreds of students for standardized tests.  Payman put his heart into this company and became a coach cause he believes that high quality tutoring in the United States needs improvements, and you can’t improve the system unless you know what is wrong with it.  Payman was an undergrad student at the University of Minnesota where he received his BA before deciding to earn an MBA.  He has a background in scientific and mathematical sciences in addition to language and communication.

You might “say” that Payman beats by his own drummer and has never wanted a normal career. This is Payman’s last entrepreneurial venture and he intends to grow it to give back to the community before permanently retiring.

In his previous life, Payman worked as a contractor and sold non-warfare products to NASA and the Department of Defense.  Payman’s first major entrepreneurial venture was as a multi-million dollar Gold-Level PowerSeller on eBay.




At the GK Academy, we specialize in one-on-one tutoring for standardized tests such as the ACT.  We don’t offer standard classroom tutoring.  We don’t offer completely independent self-study for the ACT.   We are your best choice for personalized ACT tutoring whether online or in person.


  • Where can I learn more about when the tests are offered and also get other basic test information?
  • Which tests and subjects do you help with and what other services do you provide?
  • Where do you meet with students?
  • What is the tutoring process like?

Free Videos

  • The Working Memory Trap.
  • Motivation and anxiety during standardized tests?
  • Is your vocab good enough for a GRE verbal score above the 50th percentile?
  • Is your vocab good enough for a GRE verbal score above the 70th percentile?
  • Is your vocab good enough for a GRE verbal score above the 80th percentile?
  • Is your vocab good enough for a perfect GRE verbal score?

Actual Recent Results

Note: These results are official. Unfortunately names cannot be provided unless students give prior authorization. Privacy is paramount.

  • Woodbury Student (ACT Composite from 21 on first test to 27 on second test to 28 on third test.  Results reported 6/22/2017
  • Woodbury Student (ACT Composite Score jump from 19 to 24) Results reported 6/22/2017
  • Woodbury Student ACT Composite Score jump from MN from 26 to 30 with a superscore of 31) Results reported 6/22/2017


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