Recent Testimonials

Recent Testimonials

Ellie.  St. Paul, MN

Just had my third tutoring session for the GRE with Payman. He as well as I can see the progress I am making. His way of teaching the material just makes sense to me. He has showed me how to correctly answer the text completion and verbal reasoning questions and has been working hard to improve my math skills. I have a lot of work to do still in order to get my desired score and I know I can get there with my hard-work and dedication and Payman’s help!


Casteele. St. Paul, MN

I have been working with Payman for GRE help. He knows everything you need to know in order to succeed in taking the GRE! Not only does he know what you need to do in order to get your desired score, but he will help teach you in a simple approach and make it fun a the same time. Payman will go above and beyond to help you and make sure you are comfortable and feeling good about your progress along the way. His personality is so great, and the way he will adapt his teaching to your learning style is amazing. He understands within minutes of working with you how he needs to teach and knows what will work the best for his students. I highly recommend Payman! He will help you succeed in whatever it is you are asking help on, he is fun, patient, very knowledgeable and you will definitely see improvements!!!


Amy.  St. Paul, MN

I would definitely suggest coming to him with any tutoring needs! He is very patient and takes time to learn what method of teaching works for you. He is also very good at personalizing the lessons plan so you memorize & catch on to things in a way you didn’t understand or know before. Personally I came to him looking for help with my ACT score and have had two sessions so far and I am already picking up many new techniques and skills! it’s great!


Madelena.  Hudson, WI  

Payman’s strategy tips for test taking and memory triggers for formulas are priceless. His calm demeanor and never-ending patience put his students at ease and soothes anxieties over standardized testing. His knowledge of how the questions are written and grading practices allow him to focus on the exact areas that will help his students. I would highly recommend Payman to anyone preparing for the ACT test.


Angie.  Minneapolis, MN

I’vehad a couple GRE sessions with Payman and I already can tell how much I have improved. He’s given me advice and tips that I can’t find in any book or study guide which will prove to be useful taking the GRE. In our first session Payman picked out what I needed to work on most, so each session is beneficial and well worth the time. I have enjoyed working with him because he takes a genuine interest in my studies and future plans after taking the GRE. I highly recommend Payman!


Patricia.  Osseo, MN 

The conversation with Payman started out with him asking a lot questions about my daughter. He asked about her SAT scores, strengths, weaknesses and her college application goals. After Payman did some research, he got back to me quickly with some suggestions. He raised a critical question that resulted in a directional change of my daughter’s college application strategy. We really didn’t expect such an outcome from someone who didn’t know her that well. It was amazing! We are grateful to have Payman’s perspectives. Our decision made my daughter even more excited and motivated to do well on her SAT test. I highly recommend Payman not only because of his expertise on the subjects he offers, but also his critical thinking ability that could be very valuable to his students. We can’t thank Payman enough for the positive impact he made in such a short amount of time.


Connie. Eden Prairie, MN 


Payman did a great job assessing the situation, making a plan, and then getting right to work for maximum results. He obviously knows a lot about what’s on the test, and the best way to improve test scores. He provided good information and resources for making the best use of study time. He was very efficient, and a nice guy with a good sense of humor, too.


Dave. Minneapolis, MN


Payman responded quickly to our request. We were impressed from our first meeting with him. He laid out a specific plan tailored to our son’s strengths and weaknesses. He was personable, easy to talk to, really listened to our concerns. He was flexible with scheduling appts. My son really enjoyed working one on one with Payman.


Stefanie. Osseo, MN


Payman has been working with my son on studying for the ACT. He spent the time to really understand my son’s weak points and devise a strategy for attacking the problems. My son’s confidence and skills are steadily improving. He has not complained about going to the tutoring sessions or the homework assigned. I highly recommend Payman as a tutor.


Abe.  Minneapolis, MN

My brother and I are preparing for the GRE and had a tutoring session with Payman. I couldn’t believe how helpful the session actually was. He gave us excellent advice for every GRE subject and knows everything you need to know about the revised test. He has tips you cant find in most prep books that I know will increase my score and is very good at breaking down problems and explaining answers.Not only is he a great tutor but hes a great person. He followed up the appointment with a few calls about extra tips and has checked in asking how our studying is going. He is a great guy and is very easy to get along with. I highly recommend Payman to anyone who wants to increase there score. Definitely money well spent.


Harrison.  Minneapolis, MN

In preparing to take the GRE, it was a pleasure to work with Payman. He has great command of both the quantitative and verbal subject matter and knows the ins-and-outs of the test. He was truly committed to my doing well, and went to great lengths to make that possible – including lending me a computer that was compatible with ETS-generated online tests, making available alternative programs and services, and being very flexible with his meeting times. Potential students will be encouraged and pushed by someone whom I now I consider a friend. Meeting with Payman did not feel like a chore, but an opportunity to pick up valuable information and strategic insights from a very personable and capable professional.



Michael N   Minnetonka, MN

This afternoon was my second lesson with Payman. He is very insightful at gauging my abilities and is able to quickly identify what method works best for me. There are so many ways to solve a math word problem. Payman is able to see what approach I like best or when I begin to understand something he runs with it. He does a great job at finding what makes sense to me and when I’m struggling finds new ways for me to look at a problem. Both the big picture and the smaller details. Great lessons!



Nicholas M   St. Paul, MN

Payman was very easy to contact to set up a meeting, and we were able to meet in my neighborhood. He has a very simple and effective system for diagnosing my strengths and weaknesses on the GRE. He also has an abundance of practice materials and problem solving tactics at his disposal for catering a study strategy that fits my schedule and helps me reach my goals.  A tutor might spend hours working through problems how he knows how to solve them, whereas a coach helps me understand larger concepts and how questions are framed. Payman is passionately interested in understanding my strengths and weaknesses in order to help me study to get a better score. He can coach, whereas I need to practice.  On multiple occasions, Payman has gone out of his way to help me with questions. Not only does he offer me his own GRE books, CDs, and flashcards, but he will e-mail, call or text me with clear solutions to difficult problems. There have been occasions on weekend nights when I’ve asked questions that he then responded to instantly. Payman has vast knowledge of the GRE and he will share it with you if you really want to work to improve your score.


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