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Short Term and Long-Term Benefits of Cognitive Training.

Improving Intelligence: A Literature Review.

On the Relationship Between N-Back Performance and Matrix Reasoning– Implications for Training…

The effects of working memory resource depletion and training on sensorimotor adaptation.

Gains in Language Comprehension Relating to Working Memory Training in Healthy Older Adults.

Cognitive Ability: Does Working Memory Training Enhance Intelligence?

Assessing the relationship of working memory to L2 reading: Does the Nature of Comprehension…

A quick eye-exercise can improve your performance on memory tests (but only if you’re right-handed).

Cognitive Training: The Effects of Working Memory Training.

The effect of Training Working Memory and attention on pupil’s fluid intelligence.

Memory and Higher Cognition.

Vocabulary Instruction, Reading Comprehension and Student Retention: A Review…

The Effects of Vocabulary Instruction. A Meta-Analysis.

The Impact of Working Memory Training on Fronto-Parietal Working Memory Network.

Gains in language comprehension relating to working memory training in healthy older adults (Carretti 2012)

On the Impacts of Working Memory Training on Executive Functioning.

Plasticity of executive control through task switching training in adolescents.

Current Evidence Does not Support the Claims made for CogMed Working Memory Training.

Working Memory Training and Implicit Learning.

The Lateral Prefrontal Cortex, WM Training, and Fluid Intelligence.

Training of Small Networks in the Human Brain.

The Malleability of Spatial Skills…

The Effects of Working Memory Training on Brain Plasticity.

Cognitive training for delinquents within a residential service in Japan.

Is Working Memory Training Effective. A Meta-Analytic Review.

Training, Maturation and Genetic Influences on the Development of Executive Attention.

The Efficacy of Working Memory Training in Improving Crystallized Intelligence.

The Efficacy of Working Memory Training as a Treatment for Children and Adolescents…

Neuronal Effects Following Working Memory Training.

Is Working Memory Training Effective?

Gains in Fluid Intelligence After Non-Verbal Reasoning Training.

IQ Isn’t Set in Stone. Study Finds Big Jumps, Dips In Teens.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Changes in Teen Brain.

Neural mechanisms of interference control underlie the relationship between fluid intelligence…

The interrelationship between speeded and unspeeded divergent thinking and reasoning…

Can Fluid Intelligence Be Reduced To Simple Short Term Storage?

Does Working Memory Training Generalize?

Working Memory Training in Younger and Older Adults…

Making Creative Metaphors. The Importance of Fluid Intelligence for Creative Thought.

Working memory training: Improving intelligence – Changing brain activity.

Mind Your Errors: Evidence for a Neural Mechanism Linking Growth Mind…

School based working memory training…

The Effect of an Executive Functioning Training Program on Working Memory Capacity…

Sorry Strivers. Talent Matters.

Working memory task decreases the survival of newly born neurons in hippocampus.

Extending Brain-Training to the Affective Domain.

The Impact of Working Memory Training in Young People…

Mindfulness meditation improves cognition (including n-backing)

Electrical Stimulation to Improve Working Memory.

Less Pain for Learning Gain…

Associative Learning Predicts Intelligence Beyond Working Memory and Processing Speed.

Boy Genius at 12 to Receive Nobel Prize.

New Class of Cognitive Enhancers to Transform Mankind.

Attention and Working Memory in Insight Problem Solving.

Cerebellum Gray Matter Volume in Older Adults Associated with General Intelligence.

Running for Increasing Intelligence.

Cognitive Decline Begins in 20s.

Long Term Enhancement of Working Memory in Children with Real World Effects.

Amazing Findings of Neuroplasticity,

Study on Improving Fluid Intelligence through Cognitive Training System Based on Gabor Stimulus.

‘Working memory’ of mice can be improved.

Performing Complex Tasks Under Stress Activates Hidden Neuronal Circuit…

Choking Under Pressure.

The Concurrent Validity of N-Back Task as a Measure of Working Memory.

Cognitive Improvement Limits.

Backwards Digit Recall. A measure of short term memory or working memory?

Hundred days of cognitive training enhance broad cognitive abilities in adulthood…

Practice effects in the brain: Changes in cerebral activation after working memory…

Predictive Ability of the General Ability Index (GAI) Versus the Full Scale IQ Among Gifted

Cognitive Ability: Does Working Memory Training Improve Intelligence?

Training of Working Memory Impacts Structural Connectivity.

Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT) Found to Boost Brain Connectivity.

Sources of Openness/Intellect: Cognitive and Neuropsychological Correlates…

Antidepressants, Serotonin and Memory.

MRI Assessment of Cortical Thickness and Functional Activity Changes…

Brain Imaging Shows Playing Tetris Leads To Both Brain Efficiency…

Acute administration of citalopram facilitates memory consolidation…

Evidence of a modality-dependent role of the cerebellum in working memory?

Personal Traits and Neuropsychological Measures.

Confirmatory factor analysis of project spectrum activities. A second-order g factor…

Resource Allocation and Fluid Intelligence.

Mental Calculation and Memory Champion…

Bunge Lab Listing of Articles…

Differential Effects of Reasoning and Speed Training in Children.

New rule use drives the relation between working memory capacity…

Training Inductive Reasoning…

First Direct Evidence of Neuroplastic Changes Following BrainWave Training…

Performance and Task Switching Practice…

Faster, Smarter. Working memory capacity and perceptual speed in relation to fluid intelligence.

Working memory training does not improve intelligence in healthy young adults.

Abecedarian Early Intervention Project.

On the Stability of IQ.

Actually, you can change Your IQ if You Work Hard Enough.

Buff your Brain.

Why IQ Fluctuates over Your Lifetime.

Chess in Education Research.

The Paradox of Giftedness and Autism.

What Genius and Autism have in Common.

Can you raise your IQ? Do you think you can?

Green Tea may improve working memory.

Effects of working memory-training on functional connectivity and cerebral blood flow…

IQ isn’t fixed at birth, can increase with education.

Beyond genetics in Mental Rotation Test performance: The power of effort attribution.

A bad apple in Duckworth’s IQ-Motivation meta-analysis?

Role of Motivation in IQ testing.

Does Philosophy Improve Critical Thinking Skills?

Measurement and Meaning of Critical Thinking.

Making People Smarter Through Argument Mapping.

Provoking Students Into Thinking.

Introduction to Argument Mapping.

Argument Maps Improve Critical Thinking.

Measuring critical thinking, intelligence, and academic performance in psychology undergraduates.

Improving middle and high school students’ comprehension of science texts.

Best evidence for brain training falls short.

Working Memory Training is a work in progress.

Working memory capacity and its relation to general intelligence.

Low IQ linked to high level of unhappiness.

Improving memory through n-back training.

Brain Training Program at ArrowSmith.

A latent variable analysis of working memory capacity, short-term memory capacity…

Barbara Arrowsmith Young– All in the Mind.

General Intelligence and Memory Span…

Behavioral and electrophysiological correlates of training induced cognitive control…

Effects of working memory training on functional connectivity…

Expanding the mind’s workspace: Training and Transfer Effects…

Being bilingual increases intelligence.

New Evidence on Brain Training…

The Effect of School on Cognitive Ability.

Children at risk of eating disorders have higher IQ and better working memory…

Cogmed and working memory training — current challenges and the search…

The association between measures of memory and IQ.

Human Intelligence and increasing IQ.


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